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Would You Rather Make Money or Save the Planet?

In order to contribute to environment protection, you need to be a real fan of the green movement, and if you want to have a real result - you must be Superman.

We used to think so. Most people believe that a stable high income and environmentalism cannot be the same thing. Even yesterday, after hearing "green" your investment manager laughed. Today we suggest thinking about it seriously. One of the most famous people who made a huge contribution to the environment - Richard L. Sandor - also known as The Father of Carbon Trading, invented a special technique of capping and trading pollutants, created a lot of green organizations and wrote dozens of books, became world-famous.

Do you know who this Mr. Planet really is? Economist. Nowadays, Richard is engaged in advisory services in the field of environmental investments.

Due to the green culture incredible growth and popularization, the business aimed to develop eco-innovations, renewable energy, waste management and recycling is forced into success. We will not focus on the role of government support, let’s describe only the main reasons why more and more funds and organizations invest in saving the planet.

Start with yourself

Before becoming an ordinary investment area, any industry needs to be tested in a large business. Three years ago CDP reported that companies started active environmental protection activities had a 67% higher profitability, paying higher dividends to their shareholders - in comparison with eco-unfriendly corporations!

Due to the wide publicity, business has begun to play in Elon Musk's game - the transition of small and large corporations to alternative energy and increasing investment in this area is growing every year. At the same time, solar energy is becoming more popular every day. Thank you, Tesla.

How bright are solar investments?

Solar energy is the most promising type of renewable energy, which already competes with the usual types of generation. In order to participate in its development, receiving a stable income, it is not necessary to completely reform your business to alternative energy. Solar Plants are the real opportunity to invest in a reliable facility. The main features of solar investment as high profitability, long-term tariffs, and much more - are fully described on the main GOTOSOLAR page.

In June 2017, Schroders conducted an independent online survey of 22,100 people who invest from 30 countries around the world. The participants included people from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, and the US. Every interviewee was an investor, they have all made changes to their investments within the last 10 years and will be investing at least €10,000 (or the equivalent) in the next 12 months.
According to the survey:

  • 78% of people feel sustainable investing is more important to them now than five years ago;
  • 75% - at least sometimes invest in sustainable investments.

Thus, we can say that sustainable and renewable investments are on the way to be one of the most attractive spheres to raise your Capital and save the Planet at once. GOTOSOLAR!

Would You Rather Make Money or Save the Planet?
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