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Solar-Friendly Countries: Kazakhstan. ‘Out With The Coal & In With The Re-New’

The Benefits Of Solar Plants - The Fastest Growing Global Energy Source

Ah, Solar Power! That wonderful method of taking the light that graces our planet and turning it into powerful, profitable and clean energy. Oh, how humans love not having to worry about sky-high bills coming in and look forward to the rewards of receiving something back from the grid itself, for a change!

Wandering around the globe, staring at the bare roofs of people’s houses, one might contemplate a world where everyone came to their senses and invested into not just solar panels alone, but the idea of full-on solar plants.

Today, both small and huge businesses could be doing themselves (and the planet) a mahoosive favour by supporting a clean system.
Source: CO2meter

An Efficient Energy Accessible To ALL Mankind (Unless, Of Course, You Are The North Arctic Circle)

That is why Kazakhstan is smashing it.

For one, here is a place that receives a ridiculous amount of natural sunlight all year round and the government is striving to make use of this to push for a better environment. Solar energy can achieve major improvements to the economy in so many ways - by simply converting bless’ed sunlight into electricity of which we all depend upon.

Not only does solar power prevent emissions of horrid greenhouse gases into our ozone layer but it would rid despicable nuclear plants that force countries to be dependable on fossil fuels, and divert from using toxic oils which get wasted or spilled - fucking up our oceans and more.

The fact of the matter is when we can easily avoid damages to the health of or worse yet, killing all types of life on Earth, then why don’t we?

The Development of Solar Plants In Kazakhstan

Currently, GOTOSOLAR is developing PV solar portfolio project 8 MW, and it is not something to be missed. The launch is set for next year; all is in place including the vast space of land (14Ha) which has already been secured for 49 years.

A brief lowdown of the other details are as follows:
Tariff: 0,09 USD/kWh
Energy yield: 1600
Energy production: 12800000 kWhyear*
CO2 avoidance: 8320
CAPEX: 3 000 000

Solar Power: It’s Just The Smart Thing To Do. Take note!

Evidently, there is 100% no denying the fact that this is one solution and a serious, profitable construction investment for those looking to spend a wad of cash in making the world a better place. Safe to say, anyone in their right mind would see this as an opportunity. After all the sun isn’t going anywhere, right?

For those solar energy fans interested in sharing their views about the ‘power of the Sun’, please feel free to share comments below. It is your ‘time to shine’ so that we can listen to the community and discuss what we need as well as figure out how to go about creating real societal transformation.

Solar-Friendly Countries: Kazakhstan. ‘Out With The Coal & In With The Re-New’
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