October 1. What has happened in the Renewable Industry last week? #GTSDigest

24.09.2018 Renault will introduce a smart charging network to the French island of Belle-Île-en-Mer. The French car giant – with partners Morbihan Energies, Les Cars Bleus and Enedis – says it will develop a “smart electric ecosystem”. Smart EV charging – and second-life EV batteries for stationary storage – are expected to help increase self-consumption, reduce carbon footprints and improve energy independence.


25.09.2018 Researchers at Western Australia’s Curtin University have developed a low-cost and environmentally friendly method to capture solar power and produce clean fuels such as hydrogen.

“Our research invented tiny crystals that do not contain any noble and toxic metals, which can be directly used as environmentally friendly catalysts to convert solar energy into hydrogen,” said lead researcher Dr Guohua Jia.

26.09.2018 The SEC threatens to ban Elon Musk from running any public company. They charged him with making “false and misleading” statements about plans to take the electric car maker private in his Twitter.


The SEC is asking a judge to decide a financial penalty and consider whether Mr Musk should be barred from directorships in any public companies.

27.09.2018 The 35th EU PVSEC conference, held this week in Brussels, was filled with bold announcements regarding solar’s trajectory in the coming years; and is backed up by a few announcements of new world records and impressive results from industry players and leading research institutes. The Conference ended after 5 days of intensive scientific debates on the further development of solar power with a strong message: PV will play central role in 100% decarbonized economy.

28.09.2018 America’s largest PV plant comes online in Mexico. Overall, Enel Green Power México, the Mexican unit of Italian renewable energy company, Enel Green Power, has brought online around 1,089 MW of PV capacity through the two initiatives


29.09.2018 Tech investments are powering up clean energy. Tech companies are the biggest buyers and a major spender on long-term assets; governments and universities are a distant second. And solar is number 1 renewable energy souce now, according to Bloomberg.


30.09.2018 News from Saudi Arabia $200 billion solar project. Saudi officials plan to unveil new plan for renewable energy in October

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October 1. What has happened in the Renewable Industry last week? #GTSDigest
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