August 27. What has happened in the Renewable Industry last week? #GTSDigest

20.08.2018 India could add 56-58 GW of solar capacity in the next four years. A combination of national, state and public body commitments could see an almost 300% jump from the 20 GW added in the 2014-18 fiscal period.

21.08.2018 Kness Group will build 400 MW solar panel factory in Ukraine. The first 200 MW section of the manufacturing facility, to be located in Vinnytsia, in Central Ukraine, is set to be operational by the end of this year. The second 200 MW phase of the project will be implemented by the end of 2019.

22.08.2018 UK’s first unsubsidised solar farm wins approval. Construction on 15 MW solar PV system at Westcott business park is expected to start this fall Unsubsidized solar has been gaining ground in Europe recently, with projects announced in the U.K., Portugal and Spain, but still a few.


The project will primarily generate electricity for the 76 businesses and provide job opportunities for more than 600 people.

23.08.2018 The Electric Reliability Council of Texas’s pipeline of projects has ballooned to almost 80 GW. 12 GW of this is gas, while the rest is wind and solar power plants, as well as 522 MW of energy storage. 86% of Texas’ future capacity will comprise solar or wind, zero coal.

24.08.2018 The US Army has increased its investments in solar power and is eyeing further opportunities to work with the private sector to develop projects, despite the Trump administration’s scepticism about renewable energy. The army added about 94 megawatts of renewable energy capacity in the fiscal year to September 2016, increasing its total by 59 per cent.


25.08.2018 Exxon has been looking to buy renewable energy for delivery in Texas. The largest U.S. oil company Exxon Mobil Corp. is seeking at least 100 megawatts of solar and wind power suppliers and would consider proposals for more than 250 megawatts.

26.08.2018 Mitsubishi subsidiary Diamond Generating Corporation has acquired a controlling stake in Boston-based Nexamp.


DGC says:

"These moves are the foundation for a national effort to increase our presence in solar development and asset ownership, starting with a “paricular focus” on community solar, as well as providing solutions for energy storage, asset optimization and retail power".

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August 27. What has happened in the Renewable Industry last week? #GTSDigest
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