August 20. What has happened in the Renewable Industry last week? #GTSDigest

13.08.2018 China sets up International Investment Alliance for Renewable Energy - a new, large, alliance to reach more foreign markets. It is reportedly the first Chinese organization to cover the spectrum of investment, planning, construction and operation of renewable energy projects abroad.

14.08.2018 Wells Fargo invest in Origis Energy’s FL Solar 5 project in the US. Wells Fargo announced it has committed the capital in construction debt, as well as the tax-equity funding of $35 million for the new solar generation facility. This solar facility will include half a million solar panels and will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 57,000 tons per year.

15.08.2018 1 GW renewable energy program launched in South Australia, its first project – the 280 MW Cultana Solar Farm.

"All of these projects will not only improve reliability and greatly reduce the cost of electricity in our own operations, they will also provide competitive sources of power for other industrial and commercial users, while at the same time playing a key role in the market’s transition towards renewables" - Sanjeev Gupta, GFG Alliance Executive Chairman, said.

16.08.2018 Brazil’s PV capacity reaches 1.6 GW. This capacity is represented by 1,307 MW of large-scale PV projects selected in auctions held by the Brazilian government, and 296 MW of distributed generation solar power generators (up to 5 MW).

17.08.2018 EU authorizes Denmark’s scheme for mixed wind-solar auctions. The budget for the first auctions of this kind, for the period 2018-2019, is around €112 million. They are part of Denmark’s new energy strategy, dubbed “Energy for a green Denmark.”


18.08.2018 A renewable energy boom across Queensland's Darling Downs is reinvigorating the region's economy and bringing hunderds of jobs, which suffered a sharp downturn when coal seam gas development slowed earlier than expected.

19.08.2018 The small Greek island of Tilos located between Rhodes and Kos - the first autonomous renewable green island in the Mediterranean. This summer, technicians are conducting the final tests on a renewable replacement system that will be fully rolled out later this year. It will allow Tilos to run exclusively on high-tech batteries recharged by a wind turbine and a solar park.


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August 20. What has happened in the Renewable Industry last week? #GTSDigest
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